Tom is proud to say he's been a Graphic Designer since 2000. 

He's worked for publishing houses, a design agency, a national media company and a lottery; collaborating with some very good designers and clever copywriters.

Maintaining a sense of pride in his final work and enjoying the process along the way are a couple of key factors to his longevity in the industry. Keeping his mind and body active helps too, for those nights in the office burning the midnight oil whilst listening to some throwback soul beats.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Tom has competed in two marathons, a triathlon and a swimathon. He is a health conscious individual who gets strange looks from colleagues for drinking green smoothies and crispbreads (bird seed as they call it).

Also a huge part of his life are wife Ella and daughter Connie, whom he lives with by the sea. Talking of his daughter, I think she's calling him for a bedtime story… "There once was a man who ate bird seed", he explained.