My face broke the internet

A bit of fun and all that setting up my 404 page but hopefully you won’t be seeing this image on my website (other than here!).


Footy anthems

Bands FC is the brainchild of Tim Burgess from music band The Charlatans. 

“It’s a celebration of the exact point where bands and football bump into each other – with a nod to Panini sticker collections,” explained designer Nick Fraser.

I love this concept but I must admit I’m not a ‘fan’ of some of the executions. The Gallagher brothers Man City badges are an acception - nice work lads.

That aside, football and music - ahhh, two of my favourite interests oh....and design of course.

Back of the net!

Adobe Max announcements: Ru ready?

So this week at the Adobe Max Conference there were a couple of updates I was interested in:

1. The exciting 3 updates to Photoshop found in more detail here:


2. The mobile version of Premier Pro - named Rush. Marketed at the videographer/editor on the go - this really does seem to push the boundaries of the capabilities software apps can do. Looking forward to trying it out.


So I’ve been watching the new bbc drama series Press, mainly due to the fact I’ve worked for a newspaper group and was interested to see Ben Chaplin’s character, Duncan Allen, the editor of red top, The Post.

Growing up I very much enjoyed him in the first series of Game On, he’s a good actor.


Press, its an interesting and in my option a true account of the fast paced, sometimes crazy happenings within the  newspaper circle.

It highlights the recent strains that have evidently hit print circulation, the constant sales/editorial battles to maintain the quality of journalism and at the same time stop revenue decline - let alone increase it - and all the while working around the clock to get the papers to readers in time for their cup of tea and toast at 7am.

With 3 more episodes to go, it will be interesting how this initial series plays out. If there is a follow up series, who knows The Post and The Herald (the rival paper) could be online only publications or feel compelled to unite as one title in order to save the future of both. As I said, this drama holds lots of truth and similarities to the industry. No fake news here.

Written by Tom Britton  


Film review: United 93

It’s that horrible time of year when we all remember the sad atrocities in Lower Manhattan. I recently watched the film United 93 - a very sobering account into what the hijacked airline passengers and staff must have gone through and how the military and air traffic controllers had to deal with the total meltdown and take over of the US east coast by Al-Qaeda. It certainly brings it all back around this time but I think that’s a gentle reminder to us all to stop and remember those who died. Never forget. One of the best cities in the world. We love you New York.


Affinity lays down yet another marker

Almost two decades since Adobe launched Indesign to rival and ultimately knock QuarkXpress off its perch, Affinity Publisher you could argue is looking to do the same to the giants that brought us the Creative Cloud.

I’m sure they’ll be Affinity fans looking to migrate across and drop their CC subscriptions... but not just yet.

 Affinity Publisher was launched end of August

Affinity Publisher was launched end of August

It’s early days as Publisher is still in BETA but with Designer and Photo getting rave reviews Publisher looks to follow in its siblings footsteps. No doubt the team at Affinity are well into production on extending the family with video and web applications too although, they may have upset their neighbours.

Never judge a book by its jacket

Back at the start of the year I was asked by my best mate if I would be his best man at his wedding. Naturally I would be chuffed to return the favour he had done for me 3 years prior but at the same time the dreaded thought of doing a speech sprung to mind.

Fast forward a few months and the stag do had gone really well -  Part 1 accomplished and a very happy stag.

So now it's time to concentrate on the wedding and the composing of my speech. It's almost written and includes a prop - a mock dust jacket that will hopefully go down a ‘storm’.


I know, it’s only a logo but I like it, like it, yes I do

And it’s all thanks to a 25 year old art student Jon Pasche. He was paid £50 for his design - money we’ll spent I’d say.

So I recently went to see the greatest rock and roll band in the world on their latest tour - no filter. Of course they were nothing short of great in my eyes, but then again I expected nothing less. It was my first Stones gig and I loved every minute.

I thought the artwork for the latest tour was great too with striking colours and edgy textures. 

The logo’s longevity has been just as remarkable as the five band members it represents. Long may it continue.



It seems I kinda photobombed myself in a funny kinda way this morning, but can you guess what the photo is all about? 

Am loving the grey texture btw.




What ice beneath?

Nat Geo does it again with an amazingly simple but powerful message to the humans of this Earth. 

 Just the tip: We’re only just beginning to clean up our act.

Just the tip: We’re only just beginning to clean up our act.

Ive always been a fan of the perfect bound yellow magazine. Perfect in so many ways. As much an icon of colour as the Yellow Pages or the red and black leather covers of Encyclopaedia Britannica with content and photography to rival any current affairs or travel pub out there. The size has always been a big appeal to me too, large enough to hold and read comfortably, but with a light paper stock, perfect to fold in half and store in your travel luggage at the airport - which is where I normally pick mine up.

Of course, many a copy of NG have been picked up at boot sales or charity shops - that’s the kind of following this treasured title has been recognised for if not only for the cover photo- any and every issue becomes a collectors item because of that . The latest issue is no different, and in some ways is more valuable than any other.

Wrongly Sacked Writer?

A Beatle of wills between copywriter Aubrey Malden and Ogilvy himself. A strong idea is sometimes too good to ignore based on old-fashioned principles.

This is an extract from his book Between the Briefs by Aubrey himself whichill probably pick up.