22 mile swim challenge

So today I completed my final leg of the Aspire Channel Swim that I signed up for some 12 weeks ago. The reason:  help raise money for people with spinal cord injuries.

It's basically a case of swimming 22 miles (the length of the channel) in 12 weeks - an average of 1.83 miles per week.

With a new born child on my hands I was able to get in 2 swims per week on average. When other commitments got in the way I had to make up some time.

I did get a little behind the weekly average but luckily  a big session on Wednesday helped ease the load on my final swim today to reach Calais.

I've got to say I enjoyed every moment and it got me back into swimming and has helped me to improve my technique but most importantly raise a small amount for charity.



aspire swim 2017.png

My longest swim session