So I’ve been watching the new bbc drama series Press, mainly due to the fact I’ve worked for a newspaper group and was interested to see Ben Chaplin’s character, Duncan Allen, the editor of red top, The Post.

Growing up I very much enjoyed him in the first series of Game On, he’s a good actor.


Press, its an interesting and in my option a true account of the fast paced, sometimes crazy happenings within the  newspaper circle.

It highlights the recent strains that have evidently hit print circulation, the constant sales/editorial battles to maintain the quality of journalism and at the same time stop revenue decline - let alone increase it - and all the while working around the clock to get the papers to readers in time for their cup of tea and toast at 7am.

With 3 more episodes to go, it will be interesting how this initial series plays out. If there is a follow up series, who knows The Post and The Herald (the rival paper) could be online only publications or feel compelled to unite as one title in order to save the future of both. As I said, this drama holds lots of truth and similarities to the industry. No fake news here.

Written by Tom Britton