Slack attack

So the workplace app Slack came under serious criticism this week over its logo redesign. 

I must say I tend to agree with the online community - I was a big fan of the original hashtag logo and colour palette and after reading the article on the rationale for change, which explains ‘...from a point of need rather than for changes sake,’ I get Slack’s point.

However I’m a little baffled to think that the initial design of the logo (created before the company started trading) and more to the point it’s colour palette ever made it to our workstations at all;

‘The design was perhaps too straightforward and weighed down by its colour palette.’

’The old design, while recognisable and distinctive, simply wasn't fit for purpose.

It will be interesting to see how the new branding develops and if the Slack community can eventually be won over.


People have taken to social saying the new design looks like artful genitals.